4 Reasons Why Every Woman Must Add An Oxidized Toe Ring to her Jewellery Kit

Oxidized  Jewellery

Toe rings don’t sound like something you’d wear? Well, here’s something that will change your mind.

Not only married women but even the single ladies in the house must have an oxidized toe ring because why not flaunt it while you can!

Getting straight to the point here are five reasons why you should add an oxidized toe (link the underlined to a page that has your oxidized toe ring collection) to your jewellery kit:

Oxidized toe rings are scientifically proven to be healthy.

Toe rings have had a significance from the mythologies, yes! But why every woman must have a toe ring is also backed by science. Wondering how? According to Ayurveda, a nerve on the second toe of the feet is connected directly to the uterus of the woman. So, a slight pressure (due to the toe ring) is known to regulate the menstrual cycle. It is also known to ensure a healthy uterus.

Now, you have a pretty good science-backed reason to buy some elegant oxidized jewellery (link the underlined to a page that has your toe ring collection) for yourself.

Oxidized toe rings are absolutely gorgeous!

Nothing can be as perfect as tiny Indian oxidized toe rings. Oxidized jewellery (link the underlined to a page that has your oxidized jewellery listed) is back in trend with all its charm and fine craftsmanship. The beauty of black silver is often related to that of moons glowing spark! And the fact that oxidized jewellery gels with all skin tones makes it even more fascinating! You can buy any oxidized toe ring and they will look just as gorgeous as ever.

I highly doubt you will need any more reasons beyond this. But here are two more compelling reasons

Oxidized toe rings are inexpensive

The thought of wearing real jewellery on occasions to feel prestigious no longer persists. In fact, it’s the time when oxidized jewellery is enthusiastically accepted by all status groups of the society. The loveliest part of it is that you can team it up with any type of outfit, be it a traditional or trendy modern look. It always adores any look you want to go with. Neither it’s a burden on your pocket. You can always have multiple pieces without compromising on your budget because they aren’t so expensive.

Oxidized toe rings go with any outfit!

One more great quality of oxidized toe rings is that they can be found in an abundance of variety, designs, and colors. Hence, could be easily mixed and matched the way you want it to be and is favourite among the fashionistas because of this reason.

Oxidized jewellery with intricate thread work is becoming popular because of its versatility. Everyone loves to look stylish and wishes to stand out in the crowd with a million eyes upon them. Isn’t it? Well, the good news is that you do not have to search for hours together to look your absolute best. You can just pick an oxidized toe ring from our collection (link the underlined to a page that has your toe ring collection) that are just as eye-catching as your beauty! No, we’re not trying to flatter you… It’s a fact! 😉

Adding a toe ring to your collection of jewelleries will beautify it even more. They not only make you look confident but also FEEL confident. This is what we, at Arte Jewels, aim to achieve!

Make sure you check out our collection (link the underlined to a page that has your toe ring collection) of some gorgeous oxidized toe rings.




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